We are all more conscious of our impact on the planet. Ignorance is often convenient but, it is no longer an excuse. Industries that use mined materials, such as gold and silver, face the challenge of proving the materials they are handling come from a sustainable and ethical source.

Cases of unsafe mining practices have been reported in the media and the term ‘dirty gold’ has been used to brand all gold that does not have a Fairtrade or Fairmined organisation logo stamped on it. Although we would never knowingly source unsustainable materials, we feel this media reporting is misleading our customers and unfair to small companies like ours. 'Fairtrade' or 'Fairmined' demand we pay hefty fees to join their organisation, yet we can only ever use precious metals made available to us through our casters and suppliers.

Here at nilplug we will always choose the sustainable and ethical option although at times this can be difficult to determine.

Please bare with us while we try and find the best way to grow our business sustainably. The British Jewellery association are keen to ensure that their industry is environmentally and socially responsible. We support their approach in this matter. Our promise to you is that we will never knowingly do anything that will impact negatively on anyone else.

Ethically we believe in honesty and fairness in the way we engage our customers and broader society. ‘nilplug’ is a small firm with ambitions to stay small. This, we believe, will enable us to stay focused on making high quality products and ensure that the service and after care we provide is personal. The company is committed to make a fair and reasonable profit from the products we make. From that profit we commit 5% to UNESCO to support the work they do around the globe in support of education and heritage.