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"Objects that say something about you."


On a recent Soyuz rocket launch an astronaut took a small cuddly toy along for the ride. You could see it on the on-board camera, dangling from the control panel. It was a simple object, but it represented a significant physical connection to someone back on earth. Being connected to your tribe is important. Being connected through an object is special. Objects tell of who we are, and give us strength and inspire our survival.

Through my work I'm exploring the unfashionable theme of loneliness through stories of flying, chasing and orbiting characters. The purpose of the work is to tickle the taboo of loneliness and foster bonds between people.

The work is influenced by a hotchpotch of wonderfully colourful and energetic sources from graphic arts to typography; from The Russian Constructivist art movement to West Coast First Nation art; from ancient Saxon crafted objects to Isamu Noguchi; and, many many more things beside.


Nilplug was founded in London in 2010 by designer/artist/maker Neil Marlow.